Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Hydra heavy bolter crewmen completed.

Well the hydras take one step closer to completion. The heavy bolter gunners are finished. Just the main gunner and commander of each vehicle to finish now.

Heres some updated pics of the hydras as they stand.

More pictures of these can be found under the hydras label.

Cant decide what to finish next. I think Im might get the 40th corps advisors out of the way and then crack on with the knights, leaving just the company command squad. Ive also got a few tutorials coming in the next few weeks.


  1. I'm not sure if I've ever said, but I just love your wagons. Outstanding work!

  2. Wow man they are really nice. Love the vehicles nice to see something diffrent in a Guard Army.

  3. Amazing!
    I can't get over how amazing these are. Absolutely in love with this conversion. Genius. Well done, sir!

  4. Thanks guys. Nice to know they are appreciated. I must say they are based off Dave Taylors excelent troop trucks. His work is what inspired me to do a blog. I'll get some templates and a tutorial up for the gun mount as soon as I can. Dave Taylor already has excellent plans for the truck over on his blog.

  5. Thanks. Raghnall, Thats a serious Catachan force you got there! Love the Massive amounts of kasrkin stormtrooper models. Seriously cool!!

  6. suberb. i especially like the gunshields!


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