Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Student times

Well I think third year has finally caught up with me. I’ve got quite a few assignments due in over the next month, so I’m not expecting much hobby time. Despite this I will be keeping up a steady rate of posting here. I’ve been compiling some photos of past modelling projects so I can gather them all together here. I’ve only previously posted a lot of the images on 40konline or warseer, so they may be new to a lot of people. I’m also posting them here to make them easier to find, rather than trawling through old forum posts. These posts will include some of the tutorials for my earlier projects.

I thought I would start with one of my tutorials for my 40th Corps Guardsmen requested by feth it all! on 40konline.

heres the colour scheme I will be using. This is the 40konline imperial guard forums 40th Corps colour scheme.
I under coated the miniture black(DUH!lol)

then I painted regal blue over the cloth, No need to be neat at this point!

then I mixed equal parts of regal and enchanted blue and apply them to the raised parts of the model. I acheive this by painting in a line patern, but drybrushing would acheive this scheme just as effectively.
Then I painted a layer of enchanted blue onto the top of the mix.
Then I mixed one part white to two parts enchanted blue and layered them on as a top highlight, It may seem a bit bright at this point but dont be alarmed!
as we will then ink it down.(as a side note blue ink is very heavy so I always add alot of water to it before aplying it to the model, sometimes applying more coats if Ive watered it dwn too much.)
Next I do the skin. Although its not neccessary to show you this I felt it was important because I cheat a little bit.
first I cover all the skin area in dwarf flesh
then I ink it all with brown ink. I dont water it down at this point becuase I like it to look nice and dark.
then I go over the raised contours of the skin with dwarf flesh leaving the dark recesses.
then I highlight up to elf flesh.
and thats the skin, its really simple and quick but looks a lot better than layering up in my opinion (I used to field a catachan army so I know all about layering skin! :))

next onto the grey I start with a 1 part codex grey to 1 part black.

then I add a layer of codex grey (I forgot to take a pic of this I was getting too into it by this stage!)

After that I add a highlight of one part white and one part codex grey.

Thats the basic colour scheme done. So Its just a simple matter of painting white onto the imperial eagles on the helmet, gun and chainsword (No layering is needed for this) and white on the rank chevrons (watered down coats of white work best for this). I painted my gun casing and chainsword catachan green and highlighted with part catachan green part white. The imperial crest on the chest plate is painted shining gold and then inked over with brown ink.

The boots where painted bestial brown then simply washed with brown ink.
Heres a couple more finished pics.

This is quite an old tutorial, so its probably due updating at some point using the fabulous foundation paints and washes. I'll post up my vehicle tutorial soon.

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