Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Enemies and Allies

Just a quick update here. Got a little more work done on the pretorian troop truck.

Very excited about starting the detail work on these now. Cant wait to see what this will turn out like. Once I finish off the track system.

Not too much model updates here, but I found a few pictures of friends I regularly game with and I thought I would put up a little post about them. Not included in these pictures is my friend Dave who makes us a regular foursome. This little gaming group has been the main inspiration behind my hobby, so apart from Dave and I here are the other two: Michael and Tom, Whilst playing a game of Warhammer, which I never have got round to finishing the battle report for...

Michael, going for the classic Pointing Pose, made all the more striking with a look of intensity in those eyes and a tilt of the head:

And Tom, mixing it up with a pensive look. Great use of the strokey beard thinking motion and the hand on hip:

Thats all for now. Uni work is piling up at the moment, but hopefully I will still get some decent hobby time.

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