Monday, 28 February 2011

All Knight Long

I know I know, enough of the bad knight puns, but thinking up titles can be tricky.

Anyway, I have managed to finally finish the 9 man Knights of the Realm unit and they are ready to go for painting. Heres some update pics of the knights ready to be sprayed.

Im very pleased with the bases in particular, but to get the horses to fit together, I had to reposition the odd tail.
However, these will now have to be put on hold as I am hoping to get the Pretorian troop truck finished off before the end of the week. Its taken me way too long already. Its a tall ask, but if I am careful with my uni work this weekend I should get a decent amount of hobby time.

I was sent these tracks to try and get some inspiraton for the rear track units, and I have to say, they are quite nice pieces. The resin is stong and its a quite nicely put together bit, just a shame they didnt fit the troop tuck.

Ive started to build the road wheels. I will be using two large road wheels cut from lengths of plastic tube, filled with modelling putty and then layered over the top with plasticard and greenstuff details. So far I have only just started. filling the tube with putty. once this is done, I will start building the detail on the road wheels and the tracks built around them. Plenty more work to do.

More very soon!


  1. Thanks man. Ive tried to get on your blog, but it keeps coming up blog unavailable?!?


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