Friday, 18 February 2011

40th Corps Vehicle Scheme

Well, this is my final tutorial for now. I have a few more I want to post up at a later date, namely shotgun tutorials, hotshot lasgun tutorials and the Hydra gun shield tutorial and templates, but those will have to wait, at least until I get some more uni work and a few of my WIP units awaiting completion.

Heres a pic of what the vehicle will look like
First off I started with a demolisher sprayed black

For the best examples I'll use the flank pics... like so
 Then I dry brushed on a heavy layer of shadow grey. Its important at this level that the drybrushing is quite smooth and even. Dont worry too much if it gets into the recesses becuase this will prevent the shading looking too stark.

should look quite blue at this point.

Then I drybrushed on codex grey. Again making sure that the drybrushing was even. I paint the turret un attached but you may find that the colour is more even when you paint it together.
And finally I added a slightly lighter drybrush of Fortress grey. The fortress grey was worked into the higher points of the tanks so that lower parts like the track beds stayed quite heavily in shadow. Like so...

Anywhoo... Time to add some blue. Ive done this by inorperating Imperial armour inspired stripes on the hull.

I added these stripes like so.

As you can see they arent very neat. This process isnt hard because neatness is not as important as you might think! Simply layer the lines until you are happy and then fill them in! I started with a base coat of regal blue.

Then I jumped straight to enchanted blue. This time I just stayed inside the line of the regal blue to give a natuarlly dark boundery between the colours. I just drybrushed the colour on in a straight line.

Then I just added a little bit of white to the enchanted blue. You could use simply a lighter blue, like ultramarines blue or lightning bolt blue (Im not sure if they still produce this one actually). I didnt have a lighter blue. Doh!

Then again just added a little more white to the enchanted blue to create the top highlight colour, I drybrushed this on quite lightly. Always remember to keep that dark edge as this is what make the line look straight even if it isnt really!

Then I applied a layer of heavily watered down blue ink. Make sure its watered down at least 3:1 or it will spoil youre highlights!

And heres how the whole tank looks at the moment

As you can see I added some blue to the turret in the same fasion. The turret follows precisely the same principles. up. Tracks and other metal parts and the white stripes.

Basically to start with I covered all the metal parts in a layer of tin bitz. No real style to this I simply slapped it on. This will give the metal a worn burnished iron look.

Then, mix a of black and bolgun metal simply drybrushed over the top. You can pick out some of the rased areas with a light layer of bolgun metal, but generally I like to keep my metals quite dulled down. Its all personally preferance on that matter!

Well thats the metall done. Nice and quick. The white. Started off simply by layering on a heavy coat of codex grey.

Then a good drybrush of fortress grey.

It starts to get technical here as the drybrushing needs to be quite light as you add more white into the fortress grey (Probably about a equal mix of white to start out with). You should end up with something like...

Then the final highlight of white. To add this layer, simply water down the white, and make small verticle lines withthe brush until you acheive an even looking white.

Well thats what Ive got done so far and heres how we are looking!

The weapons. As with the infantry I went for green weapon casing and metalic muzzles. I basically painted it all catachan green and the line highlighted them with goblin green. This is the gun with the highlights and all (was in a hurry and deleted the before/ after shot. Doh!)

Then I simply painted the aquilas codex grey and highlighted them white and also neatly painted the barrels  boltgun metal.

Then I started work on the weathering. My favourite bit. I've started to look into pigments and other types of weathering, but this is so far my favourite simple weathering technique.
This is a shot with no weathering

I lined in the creases and edges with brown ink first of all to give it that oily look.

Then around the outskirts of the brown ink line, I added a line of orange ink which I wiped away with a tissue so it would only leave a thin ressidue. To finish it off I also ran a little bit of chainmail into the dents in the hull, to show paint and metal sheer. It look like this when done.

And so with a few more details like white aquilas and boltgun metal in the bullet holes, the tank is pretty much done.

Heres some shots of the other vehicles I have used this scheme for.

Well. Thats all for now.

I have a few more knights finished as of last night ready to get undercoated, and want to get cracking on the Pretorian troop truck. I would like to have that vehicle finished by the end of next week and send it off to its new owner.


  1. Nice colour scheme mate. Grab some masking tape for your vehicle marking-you'll have some nice staight lines then!

  2. Glad you like it. The masking tape idea would definetly work. Ive used it before for layering camo patterns on Tau vehicles.

  3. best painting guide ive seen in a long time! keep up the good work!


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