Monday, 10 January 2011

Merry New Decade!

Happy New Year. I hope to step this blog up a bit in 2011, it has unfortunately tailed off a bit towards the end of 2010, but with pleanty of projects up my sleeve and a desire for more hobby time to balance out the uni work I'm keen to get started!

Well. I finished off the fine detail on the hydras. The crew still need to be placed, but as with the truck, I think I will have more inspiration for these guys when I get the vehicles painted.

Ive just added all the usual bits and gubbinz including jerry cans, packs and rolls and a pick axe, although, I decided to seperate the head of the tool from the handle. I seen this done by another modeller a few years ago, and really wanted to give it a go. Cant remember who it was though.

In the back section, I added a seat (was originally designed to fold, but due to a gluing accident, unfortunately is permanently open. I kept the back quite simple as the crew will hopefully provide the focal point of the gun section.

The gun can still move through 360 Degrees unobstructed on both trucks. And as for the new projects I was hinting at, I will have info very soon, suffice to say, they come in lance formations!

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