Monday, 4 October 2010

work continues

Well, with a few minutes stolen on the net, Im pleased to announce Ive been able to make a decent start on the 500pts 'Raising a regiment Challange on 40konlines Guard forum. The list I have been challanged to paint before the end of October is...

Vets- 3 meltaguns

2 hydra

Company command squad-2 meltaguns, plasma pistol and officer of the fleet, master of ordinance.

 I have managed to get the main body of the vendetta built and the interior painted.

As you can see quite a simple interior paint job, drybrushed codex grey and some bright coloured piping.

Ive also started building the company command squad. Heres my Officer of the fleet. I still need to re-cut his powersword out of plasticard as the last one snapped.

I have also done the company commander, the standard bearer and the master of ordnance. The company commander is based on the old cadian lt. model. I simply cut off the shotgun arm and greened in his jacket. I then added a plasma gun arm from the cadian command squad sprue.

The standard bearer is a mix of parts from both the cadian command sprue and the catachan command sprue, with green stuff rolled up slieves.

The master of ordnance is the old griffon mortars crewman. I think this is a great model as it is, but Im tempted to try and update him a bit. whether this is done via the model or a funky base, I am yet unsure.

I have the house to myself tonight, so I may just put on a film and model away, maybe finally work out what Im going to do about the hydras gunsheilds.

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