Monday, 20 September 2010

Im Just Riveted!

As you can probably guess the main theme for todays post was riveting. Ive been busy covering the front end of my Hydras in rivets. As you can see I have finally switched from the greenstuff to thin Plastic rod. Much quicker and a little more exact.

I also painted up the interior of the open cab Hydra. I managed to get the door on a simple hinge with a sheet of plastic rod and a paper clip arrangement, however, its been weakened a little after a bit of a know when I dropped it, Doh.

I also wanted to show you in a little more detail the inside of the gun shield. As you can see, I havent added too much detail yet. I have just added the computer screen from the rhino interior and the ork trucks steering column

As you can see I have added an extra layer of textured plasticard to the platform of the gun shield. I've been getting a little carried away with mixing textures on this build, I find you can never have enough. Hope to get the crews in place this week. Ive been having a few brain storms about what I want the crews to be doing. One crew will be firing on an enemy aircraft, the other I hope to have reloading and preparing. Each trukk will have four crew in total, one driver, one gunner and two gun crew.

Thats all for today. Hopefully have some more work done by the end of the week. Heading to warhammer world perhaps on friday, so I would like to have them finished by then!

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