Thursday, 16 September 2010

The hydras are a near!

Firstly I must apologise for the month of absence. For the first half I was gaming more than I was building and for the last couple of weeks, moving into the new flat has meant no internet access so far.

I have been working on the hydras for the best part of a week off and on. Unfortunately I have left a few vital bitz back in Ireland, so I have to make it up as I go really. Hopefully I will still have enough to complete the project.

The first of the two is coming together quite well. I just really need to add some rivets and the crew, aswell as the details on the cab door and grill.  

The second hydra requires a bit more work, I decided to have a detailed cab with hinged door and hatches, so its proving a bit more time consuming.

On both of the Hydras, I’m particularly pleased with the rear platform, I tried layering a mix of different textured plasticard together and I really like how it has turned out. I hope to do more of this type of layering in future, especially with artillery vehicles.

The Griffons are going to have to wait as again, I left them at home. Next time I am back I will have to pick them up. This does give me a bit of time to redesign them thankfully as I had never managed to get the gun and mount finished in a way I was happy with.

Ive also been working on a small side project, pictures will be up soon!

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