Monday, 9 August 2010

Campaign Day

What a weekend.

On Saturday I played three games of 40k in a ladder campaign. Naturally I played my old Guard armies, 3rd company and 4th company of the 32nd Vastadtian and even managed to squeeze in the new troop truck and Armoured car. The Campaign was against Orks on the planet Vesen in the horizon system, a system which lies spinward of Rynns World.

Ork forces under the leadership of a shadowy Warboss, Trackle Black Sekradda held the main Northern Continent and where threatening to push over the Sectung Line. The Crimson Fists, supported by guard units launched a series of Seize Ground initiatives in order to capture vital forward Obs Posts just south of the main ork advance. 

3 Months Later and with no push from the orks, the Imperial Obs posts had been reinforced, and Omega level Complexes with Comms relays mounted in each now stood in their place. The 3rd Battle Company of the Vastadtian 32nd held Complexes 214-218, supported by heavy weapons from 4th Company. A garrison just a click back from the line was the main staging post from which the 4th company could dispatch reinforcements or launch a fresh attack. 

With the Crimson Fists Job accomplished they moved off the planet, and Guard high command was eager to push into the orks further, beginning the slow and gruling task awaiting them to drive off the Orks. Trackle Black Sekradda Had other Ideas, Wishing to mount his own waaagh. In the First Night of the New Lunar Calender, when the twin moons where furthest away, Trackles Ork forces launched a series of pre dawn raids on the Imperial Bunker Complexes, Just as the Guard dispatched Supply collums to prepare front line units for the coming offencing. All across the Line The Comms Complexes where hit, not least of which was Bunker 214, a Vastadtian held installation... (and this was where our Campaign began!)

We played three Games over the space of the day. The first a sabotage mission from the old third ed rulebook (this is one of our favourite rule books for missions). The second, as the orks won was an ambush mission, taken from the necron section of the Battle Missions book, and the third, as the orks won again, and by quite a way this time, was a Waagh Mission from the ork section of the Battle Missions book. I managed to hold my own in this mission, holding one more objective than the orks thanks to a single plucky Guardsman! All in all A great weekend, and the start of a Campaign we are keen to continue, perhaps this time including a few friends.    

I would really reccomend tying games together, It really makes the battles mean something, and gives you a sense of purpose whilst playing. Also I urge you all to check out both the third edition rules and the new Battle Missions book, and dont be afraid to try it out, so much more fun than the three measly missions in the 5 ed rule book!

Onto my minitures, and you may have noticed a severe slump in activity on here the last few days. Its been because Ive been working to save up for yet more Vehicles... oh and pay my rent too ofcourse.

Above is a picture of two Hydras in progress and a troop truck in the early stages.

Not much work on the Griffons to be honest, but Ive been working away at the Hydras, now that I have unlimited access to all my Bitz Boxes at home to complete them. 

Heres some of the progress shots of the Hydras. Hopefully have more soon!

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