Sunday, 18 July 2010

Troop truck tidings

Excuse the dodgy Title, but I was just looking over the troop truck and I was a little unsatified with it. As you can see above Ive tried to play around with adding some nice extras.

The truck looked ok, but it was very bland, and although I have already started painting it, i thought it would be well worth looking over it again and seeing if there was something interesting I could do.
I would like every vehicle in this army to have its own personality and for each vehicle to be a mini diorama. The best way to do this is to add crew members. This gives each vehicle a narative.

On my Armoured car I tried to achieve the narrative with the commander ordering the gunner from the open turret. With my hydra I have already put the driver coming out the top of the hatch to have a look at what the autocannons are shooting at, and now with the troop truck, I have tried to achieve the narrative with some stowage and some troopers hauling eachother back onto the truck.

This is only in its early stages as all the pieces are just being dry fitted, but hopefully you can get a sense for it already.
As the army is supposed to be a supply collumn I want each vehicle to be full of...well... suplies. Thats why they will all have lots of stowage and baggage.

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