Saturday, 17 July 2010

Actually managed some painting.

Well, Its all in the title this time. Made a pretty good start on the Armoured car. It is a little bit more shadow grey than codex, so I will just need another very light drybrush I think, apart from that and a few more bits and pieces like tidying up the crew its ready.
I managed a bit more work on the hydra, but I will hold off on an update of this as Im just finishing the front end which looks a mess right now.


  1. Fantastic - I love the manticore too. I'm very jealous...and do you do your own molding? Whew!

    Please take a gander at my effort, if you're interested...:

  2. Hey. Hows it going? love the site Admiral, just having a look round now. I do a little bit of casting, nothing big, just enough to keep me supplied. I'll stick you on my blog roll. keep up the good work!


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