Monday, 4 April 2016

Astra Militarum- Lascannon conversions

Well the posts are coming in comparatively thick and fast here. Just snapped some shots of my Lascannon teams. Needed some hard hitting firepower to go with the autocannons.

For the bigger bases I have started to use thin cork sheets to help add texture. I personally love the effect!
As you can see I have made them in a similar style to my previous, pak 38 inspired anti tank carraiges, with pneumatic tyres and a more enveloping gun carraige. The wheels were slightly smaller this time, so the proportion isnt as good as my previous, one off, conversion. I still like the effect though.

I have used a variety of different Catachan miniatures again, partially to speed up the process to be honest as converting Cadians can be a little time consuming.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Still going strong- A hobby update!

Hi guys- its been a good while since I have had the chance to post anything new, despite some very interesting things happening in my hobby.

Firstly I recently started working with Beasts of War producing some hobby content for their videos. Its been great fun working with the guys, who if you haven't checked out the site, is well worth visiting. While preparing videos for them, I have learnt so much more, not only about the game, but about the background and history of 40k.

On the hobby front I have been working away on many projects, most guard related as usual, but I have also started my white scars legion force- more on this later.

So on the Astra Militarum front, I have painted up my final infantry platoon for my 5th company- This includes Special weapons teams (demo charges and snipers), 3 infantry squads (with snipers) and a Lascannon heavy weapons squad. I will post up more pictures soon, but for now, heres the basic platoon...

I can't remember if I brought these up before, but there is a brilliant company that makes IG compatible parts. Its called Mad Robot Miniatures and the quality of the parts are second to none. They are based in the states so the postage can be a little steep, but I will definitely be ordering from then again. Below is one of the beret heads. The 3d sculpts are flawless and the resin is superb. Can't recommend these guys high enough!

I also had to dig out my Cypher model and get him repainted for a series of battle reports over at Beasts of War. If you are a back stager, then they are well worth a watch.

Finally as promised, I have started work on my legion. With the value of the Betrayal at Calth set, I simply had to start work on a legion and I finally settled on White Scars. I have always wanted to build a White Scar force and really I could think of no better excuse, particularly as both myself and a group of friends have joined together to produce special Imperial Palace bases for all our legions (more on these soon!)

I finally realised that I had to get an airbrush, I couldn't ever manage to get the white smooth enough, so I picked a cheap starter kit up, and honestly, I wouldn't go back!!! I started with the terminators as they will probably see the least action as time goes on.

Still a lot of work to go on this squad, if anyone has any suggestions for the claws I'd be very grateful!:)

Hopefully I will work up to a nice Iwata Eclipse, but for now, I will build up my technique with base coats. still very happy with the results.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Contact Lost_ Astra Militarum Vs Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

So My eternal table-top nemesis Tom (unite all action) O'Reilly has been working away on a brand new Nurgle Army for 40k. My Guardsmen Rode out to meet this fresh enemy head one:
A Veteran defends the Astropath against the Chaos Mauler-fiend beast.


It had been 3 and a half hours since the forward patrol of PDF troopers had checked in. It was still a long way to Dawn and the LT was getting restless. This was his mission and he wasn't about to let some local amateurs spoil his first chance of command. 

For the last 2 months, forward operating bases had been going quiet. A stench filled the unusually warm sticky air. Even the Orks, who had been fighting this war for years seemed to have battened down the hatches, there hadn't been an Imperial/ Green skin engagement in weeks. 

Still the LT was restless... eager for glory... He thumbed the power toggle on his plasma pistol, and in the glowing blue light, ordered his column advance.


Slowly the bodies writhed, ripping out of uniforms, distorting body armour and weapons, as a grotesque shape formed from the broken flesh and sinew. Pustules and boils popped, releasing plagues of flies, buzzing around the pools of putrefying blood.

The Sorcerer bowed deeply as the reincarnated being spread its wings. If his Gaping Maw had allowed it he would have smiled. He had achieved a complete summoning of a Plague Prince.

"My Lord, Welcome to our Realm once more!"


This was to be a 1500 pt Battle using the Maelstrom mission Contact lost. We added an extra central objective to add a bit of narrative, this was a comm station containing the last transmission attempts from the unfortunate PDF patrol.

I decided to take a mobile force, with a few units that I always enjoy playing with. First up was a 5 man unit of Bullgryns with a priest and Commissar for support. Then I took a platoon with a mix of special weapons squads. One with 3 demo charges (mad but fun), one with grenade launchers, and one with Sniper rifles (great as a cheap, backfield objective holding unit). I took two company command squads, one was equipped with two meltas, and were mounted in a chimera, the other was equipped with 4 plasmaguns and mounted in a chimera.  2 chimera mounted Vets squads with meltas and a Platoon command squad with  flamers and a chimera rounded out my list. Although I had little in the way of heavy Armour or support units, I felt like I would really enjoy the redeployment capability this force had with so many transports.

I was facing a pretty excellent Daemon Prince of Nurgle- A level three psyker no less and with wings, this made him a huge threat. Two Mauler-fiends and a Helldrake seemed like tough nuts to crack, aswell as a 5 strong spawn squad and a Chaos lord on bike, tooled up with some Crimson slaughter gear.

I won the roll off for first deployment.

 The Battlefield before both forces enter.
 The Guardsmen take up position, putting a large portion of their force on the hill to the left, with a smaller flanking force on the right flank. The Troop trucks with the veterans positioned in the centre of the lines to push forward for the all important transmission decoder.

The forces of Papa Nurgle mass on the left flank, looking to engage with the Imperial forces swiftly.

I decided to go first. Tom failed his Seize roll. Night fight would be in effect during game turn one. And so battle commenced...


As the Imperial line cautiously moved forward the darkness seemed to thicken. Major Eklan, 5ht company commander had insisted on tagging along to this fight. He allowed the LT to remain in mission command, but he was wary of his impetuous nature. 

The LT had however shown sound tactical reasoning, allowing the troops to take the high groun and sending mounted and scouting units up the left flank as screening. Eklan took his veterans and command squad up the centre. 

The sickly stench got thicker, more nausiating. A buzzing seemed to fill the air. The Major radioed the LT to advise an all stop. To his relief the LT relented. The darkness in front seemed to be taking form, shaping itself to reveal the true horrors that it was. Major Eklan keyed his vox from his position in the Armoured cars Hatch. "Eklan to mission commander, awaiting orders".

The LT nodded to his command squad further down the troop bay of the truck. "Mission command to all units, weapons live. 


They could see the running lights of the foolish Imperials before them. With the slithering creatures surrounding him, Lord Karth'ull powered forward. His Master had granted them a great honour, a Prince of Nurgle strode in their midst. They would devour the false Emperors' Lackeys this day...


 The bullgryns push forward with the LT and his command squad. 
 The infantry hold fast on the hill as they score the first kill of the day, an enemy Rhino transport.

 The Cultists hold the treeline on the right flank. ready to spring toward the central objective.

The Bullgryns get hit with enfeeble as the spawn close in.

 The Bullgryns get charged by the spawn and the chaos lord, who make a massive 9 inch charge.
 The LT attempts to destroy the Daemon prince with a volley of massed plasma, but with Iron arm and his invulnerable save, they cause only a single wound.
 The Infantry on the hill move in to assist their stricken Abhuman comrades. With the priests shouting righteous fury, the spawn and chaos lord and sorcerer are locked in combat throughout the game.
 The swirling me-lee takes almost 4 turns to resolve, with the daemon prince charging on turn 2. The Black mace wreaks havoc, but the imperials hang on to the bitter end.
 The Veterans support the Special weapons squads pushing for the centre. A badly placed Demo charge kills two of the Grenediers holding the central objective. Combined bolter fire from the chaos marines swiftly dispatches the remainder.

 As the Veterans attempt to gather the information from the communications array, the cultists seize their opportunity to advance.
The Preist is finally crushed by the chaos Lord, despite wounding him and holding him in combat for a further turn. Rosarius rock!

 The remaining Mauler-fiend lopes off to hold the objective on the left flank, as the Daemon Prince and Lord Karth'ull finally dispatch the last of the Platoon. 

The Helldrake arrives late, but quickly dispatches the demolitions special weapons team, and attacks and immobilizes Major Eklan's Chimera. 

And so the battle ended in a draw. 4 victory points a piece. A really enjoyable game, can't wait for a re-fight.


Major Eklan gathered his remaining troops and pulled them back to the nearby crossroads. They had managed to recover some of the data from the comms decoder, however, that was somewhat academic now. It was clear that the PDF units were no more. It also was clear that the forward operating bases had suffered from either death or had been taken over to Chaos.

The LT had died facing down the huge beasts. What a waste Eklan thought. He would remember to add the names of those lost to the regimental honour roll. they had all fought with distinction.

It was now Major Eklans' mission to relay this information to Imperial High command. He hoped what evidence he had was enough.


Lord Karth'ull kicked the body of the Priest and allowed his teeth to show in a fanged grimace that may once have been a smile. A good day, many souls taken. his own losses mattered not, Papa Nurgle would honour them all. 

Some of the Imperial fools had escaped. He would kill them later...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Astra Militarum Astropath

Since the latest codex was released I have been meaning to try the Astropath. I think he is good for his points. Problem is, I have rarely taken Company command squads because, well, tank commanders. I also have had this model kicking around for a couple of years, but only finally got around to him. I must admit though, he was a really enjoyable model to paint.

 I kept the colour scheme quite simple, opting for the same grey/purple scheme as my primaris psykers and Wyrd vane psyker squad. I like to keep these colours for the psykers in my army.
 The very clean sheer lines of the model made the robes very enjoyable to paint. 
 All in all a fabulous model from GW. A joy to paint. I will let you know soon how he fairs on the battlefield!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Culexus Assassin from Necromunda Spyrer

As I mentioned in my conscript post, I have been building up a collection of Necromunda and classic Imperial Guard miniatures over the last couple of years. For a good while these miniatures have been floating in paint stripper. I finally got round to scrubbing a few down for painting and I decided this miniature would work well for a Culexus Assassin.

It is a Malcadon Spyrer, which is traditionally a suit of armour that gives its wearer spider like abilities (from what I can remember). 

 I used Ushabti bone on his helmet to better tie in with the Culexus look.
 With the elongated head and assassin like thin suit, I think this model fits well in its new role. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Stronghold Assualt- Camo Pattern Imperial Bunker

Well I promised some more pictures of my Imperial Bunker: I actually really enjoyed everything about this kit! It is very simple to assemble, nicely detailed and generally a joy to paint. I had intended to simply dry brush it grey and detail in metal, with a wash to pick out detail, but I really enjoyed painting this model, so much so that I spent most of Friday night painting it.

I tested out GW's new gold paints on the winged skull. I used a base coat of Warplock Bronze, then a good heavy coat of Retributor Armour, and then wash of the technical paint Nihilakh Oxide. I then highlighted with a light dry brush of Liberator Gold. The new golds provide excellent coverage. I am very impressed with these paint, they are definitely worth the extra money! 

I added a mixture of Jungle and swamped tufts to the (very grim-dark) ground around the bunker.

I originally painted the outer walls green, then used making tape to cover odd shapes around the bunker wall, and then dry brushed over in grey. this gave me a camo effect when I removed the masking tape. I edge highlighted some of the green to help it stand out a little more.

 To paint the metal I used the same technique as I used on my Stormlord's tracks. I dry brushed the surface with bolt gun metal (Leadbelcher does the same thing, I'm just using up my old stock). I then stippled on some of the Ryza Rust technical paint. This always looks very bright, so I wash all the metal with an equal part mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian Medium.

To finish off the metal I highlighted the edges with Rune Fang Steel. I added it to the gouges and damage as well.

 I wanted the top hatch to contrast with the rest of the model. I will be painting an escape hatch the same colours as the airlock style doors. For the red I used Mephiston Red as a base, layered on Wazdakka Red and then highlighted with Wild Rider Red. I then inked it down with Carroburg Crimson. The white was a base of thin coats of Celestra Grey and then thinner coats of Ceramite White. I then applied a coat of Nuln Oil thinned down with plenty of Lahmian Medium. I must admit, I use Lahmian medium for everything, its even good just to use instead of water to thin down paints.

Im very pleased with the finished product. I am considering repainting my Aegis defence line to match this camo pattern. Also, I am looking forward to getting stuck into the two bastions I picked up. I think I've got the bug for fortifications, I am keeping my eyes peeled for a Sky Shield landing pad!
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