Sunday, 23 October 2016

Astra Militarum Tech Priest Engineseers

Just a small post today, but with their inclusion is so many of the Imperial guard formations, I felt it was important to get a couple of Engineseers that have been languishing in my bits box sorted.

 I went with the Ryza colours, as I may build up a small mechanicus faction to ally into my guard. Also, down the line I would hope to acquire a titan or two, so it would be handy to have a forgeworld to base my Titan House colour scheme off.

That's all for now. I'm still plowing ahead with the betrayal at calth box set white scars (plus a couple of forgeworld treats), and I also picked up two Hades mining drills, so I will hopefully build a couple of combat engineers squads soon.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Horus Heresy White Scars- The First Squad is Complete!

I have finished off the first squad, and have began work in earnest on the next batch of 20 Legionaires. Let's jump straight into pictures!

All in all I'm really pleased with the results. This is the first time I have done power armour in 9 years, and the first time I have ever done a complete squad of white space marine power armour.

The bases came out nice too, and hopefully I can get a similar result with the next 20! Work in progress shots of them soon. :)

Friday, 23 September 2016

Deathstrike Missile Launchers- Ready to luanch

I'm getting to grips with the airbrush. This time I have blasted out a unit that I have always wanted to try out. I finally gathered up three of these monstrous weapons.

 As you can see I have built these tanks pretty much straight from the kit, as quite frankly, I already loved the design. I would love to do a bigger wheeled version, but that would purely be for the fun of having a super huge missile (Ordinatus?)

 As I bought these kits second hand, the hatches had already been glued into place, but I'm happy with the over all finish. They match up very well with the basilisks.

 Perhaps one of the parts I am most proud of is the cevrons on the dozer blade. I even managed to add a couple of paint chips. I used LX tape rather than masking as it didnt seep as much with the airbrush paint. I was particularly pleased with how vibrant the yellow ended up looking.

I was going to add colour to the head of the missile, however, I think I like the simple white. I simply couldn't have got the shading so smooth without the airbrush. 
The spotlight was also finished off simply with the airbrush. 

I did get these tanks out for a game, however as I was playing Nids with lots of monstrous creatures, the results were a little underwhelming. I would love to crack them out against a horde army or even some marines. These could be lethal to a gladius! More soon. :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Updating the Basilisk- Painting

So I have made a start on painting up the Basilisks. These models have been around since 2nd edition 40k, so it's no wonder they have become such an iconic vehicle in the 41st millenium. 

I broke out my cheap little airbrush again (which I hope to update soon!) and got to work. The weather was so good I even got to take them outside to finish the airbrushing. 

I still have some details to add, but overall I'm happy with how the painting turned out. I have more vehicles to show you soon!!!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Updating the Basilisk- Artillery support for Astra Militarum

Every Imperial Guard commander worth his salt should have one or two Basilisks in their arsenal. These venerable mobile artillery platforms, sporting the Earthshaker cannon are one of the most iconic pieces of wargear in the Imperium. They are however only available these days via direct order. I have had many in my time, however, I was never happy with the model. 

This was largely due to the gun shield if I am honest. I had bought the Vanaheim upgrade shield from Forgeworld in 2003, but unfortunately I never picked up more than one, and they have since discontinued the piece. My basilisks have fallen to wrack and ruin, and I eventually cannibalized them for other projects.

It was only when I was at a hobby sale last weekend that I found a pair that a fellow Guard commander was getting rid of. I had to have them. They were about a tenner a piece. I dug out my plasticard and set to work on a new gun shield based loosely on the Vanaheim piece. 

 I started by cleaning up the old kits. They had been painted, but it was pretty smooth and thin, so I decided against wasting time stripping the models. I was just keen to get cracking on.

 I test fitted the vanaheim Shield to give me an idea of what I wanted. I decided to go a little taller with my own shields.

 The first thing I did was to take the curved baces off the old shield. I cut away all the extra parts I didnt want, which left me with those central beams. I cut these below the eighth rivet up.

 I then built a small platform the fit tight with the hull that would allow the shield to rest on.

 To this I attached the upright supports for the flat plastic sheets that would provide the armour.

 With the first two pieces in place, I then filed down the edges so the remaining parts would fit snuggly, tapering them at 45 degree angles.

 Above, you can see I used a scrap of cardboard to make a template for the sides. at this point I trimmed the front armour panels to make sure they would line up well.

 I traced the template and made the extra side skirts I needed.
 You guessed it...Rivet time!

 I left the shield un attached for painting

Thats us up to the end of the build. Painted pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Astra Militarum- More Veterans and Vengeance Weapons

Recently I have been trying to finish off long forgotten about projects in an effort to stop spending money. This has actually been brilliant fun, allowing me to not only ease a sense of guilt every time I buy another new model, but also has given me a real sense of satisfaction when a unit is completed. 

Two of the units I have been meaning to get around to for a long time are the wall of Martyrs Vengeance Weapons (with Punisher cannons of coarse) and my third squad of Veteran Guardsmen.

I will post up some better pics soon, rather than this just finished painting image, but as you can see I have reused my old scout heavy bolter conversion to count as Harker and the squad has been outfitted with meltas. I also wanted this squad to have the demolitions doctrine modelled on the unit, so I have included a forgeworld demo charge and a few guys throwing melta bombs. 

You can find my previous veteran squads HERE!

Next up was the vengeance weapons that have been sitting on my desk for months. I kept having to move them around whilst at the keyboard and looking at them guiltily as they lay there, undercoated black, crying out to be painted and used! I finally cracked and broke out the airbrush, although I would at some point like to add a little bit of weathering at some point. Again, I will try to get some nicer pics up soon, but the scheme matches my Imperial Bunker very well. Next, I will try and paint up one of my Bastions.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Horus Heresy White Scars- work continues

I have been slowly progressing with my White Scars Legion Army. I have started with the betrayal at Calth box. This is definitely become one of the classic Games Workshop releases in a very short period of time in my own humble opinion. Such excellent value and a great way to kick off a new force. Here are some work in progress shots of my first tactical squads. I learnt a lot just from this first squad!

 I magnetised the bolter arms on this first squad, as I wanted to be able to swap out some of the choices down the line to play standard games of 40k. This actually made it very easy to paint the miniature as I was able to take of the arms when I wanted to do some detail work.

 As I was airbrushing the squad I fixed them to corks. In future I would avoid the double sided tape, as it tended to allow paint to pool around the feet and peel off some of the paintwork when removing it later on. I would pin the feet to mount them to the corks.

I mixed in some of the forgeworld white scars heads. these are expensive, but they were too good not to feature on the models. I will mix in about 3 or 4 to each ten man squad just to add some flavour. I think they mix in quite well. I have also used the mark 3 and mark 2 Forge World White Scar shoulder pads. These really help lift the model. 

 Here are the Cataphractii Terminators beside the tactical squads. I used the airbrush to build up the white, however, I made a massive mistake by washing the white with wash, something I won't be doing again! :)

Myself and my good friend Robby decided to create our own bases, so that our legions (Robby is building a Blood Angel force) would match. We thought it would be cool to have some Imperial palace style bases, for when the final battle eventually arrives. As both our legions actively took part it made sense. In the Black Library novel Scars, it mentions that at least a section of the Emperors palace has black and white marble tiled flooring, so we decided that would look cool!

These are the 10 32mm bases we built, which were in turn cast in resin. All other base sizes will be custom made to order for now.

This is the prototype colour scheme. I added green for a bit of contrast and the white is nice and dull so that it doesn't look strange with the White Scar power armour.

I will add completed pictures of the squad soon. In the meantime, its on to the next 20 legionnaires!

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