Sunday, 16 August 2015

Astra Militarum Astropath

Since the latest codex was released I have been meaning to try the Astropath. I think he is good for his points. Problem is, I have rarely taken Company command squads because, well, tank commanders. I also have had this model kicking around for a couple of years, but only finally got around to him. I must admit though, he was a really enjoyable model to paint.

 I kept the colour scheme quite simple, opting for the same grey/purple scheme as my primaris psykers and Wyrd vane psyker squad. I like to keep these colours for the psykers in my army.
 The very clean sheer lines of the model made the robes very enjoyable to paint. 
 All in all a fabulous model from GW. A joy to paint. I will let you know soon how he fairs on the battlefield!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Culexus Assassin from Necromunda Spyrer

As I mentioned in my conscript post, I have been building up a collection of Necromunda and classic Imperial Guard miniatures over the last couple of years. For a good while these miniatures have been floating in paint stripper. I finally got round to scrubbing a few down for painting and I decided this miniature would work well for a Culexus Assassin.

It is a Malcadon Spyrer, which is traditionally a suit of armour that gives its wearer spider like abilities (from what I can remember). 

 I used Ushabti bone on his helmet to better tie in with the Culexus look.
 With the elongated head and assassin like thin suit, I think this model fits well in its new role. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Stronghold Assualt- Camo Pattern Imperial Bunker

Well I promised some more pictures of my Imperial Bunker: I actually really enjoyed everything about this kit! It is very simple to assemble, nicely detailed and generally a joy to paint. I had intended to simply dry brush it grey and detail in metal, with a wash to pick out detail, but I really enjoyed painting this model, so much so that I spent most of Friday night painting it.

I tested out GW's new gold paints on the winged skull. I used a base coat of Warplock Bronze, then a good heavy coat of Retributor Armour, and then wash of the technical paint Nihilakh Oxide. I then highlighted with a light dry brush of Liberator Gold. The new golds provide excellent coverage. I am very impressed with these paint, they are definitely worth the extra money! 

I added a mixture of Jungle and swamped tufts to the (very grim-dark) ground around the bunker.

I originally painted the outer walls green, then used making tape to cover odd shapes around the bunker wall, and then dry brushed over in grey. this gave me a camo effect when I removed the masking tape. I edge highlighted some of the green to help it stand out a little more.

 To paint the metal I used the same technique as I used on my Stormlord's tracks. I dry brushed the surface with bolt gun metal (Leadbelcher does the same thing, I'm just using up my old stock). I then stippled on some of the Ryza Rust technical paint. This always looks very bright, so I wash all the metal with an equal part mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian Medium.

To finish off the metal I highlighted the edges with Rune Fang Steel. I added it to the gouges and damage as well.

 I wanted the top hatch to contrast with the rest of the model. I will be painting an escape hatch the same colours as the airlock style doors. For the red I used Mephiston Red as a base, layered on Wazdakka Red and then highlighted with Wild Rider Red. I then inked it down with Carroburg Crimson. The white was a base of thin coats of Celestra Grey and then thinner coats of Ceramite White. I then applied a coat of Nuln Oil thinned down with plenty of Lahmian Medium. I must admit, I use Lahmian medium for everything, its even good just to use instead of water to thin down paints.

Im very pleased with the finished product. I am considering repainting my Aegis defence line to match this camo pattern. Also, I am looking forward to getting stuck into the two bastions I picked up. I think I've got the bug for fortifications, I am keeping my eyes peeled for a Sky Shield landing pad!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Astra Militarum Conscript Squad- 20 down, 30 to go!

Hi Guys- Its good to be back. Whilst I haven't had much blog time, I've had a million things going on both hobby and real world related. More on this another time...

I have been collecting a random assortment of old metal Imperial Guard/ Necromunda models for a while with the intention of creating a scratch company inspired conscript platoon. The term scratch company is used in the 'Gaunt's Ghosts' novel 'Necropolis' to describe guerilla/ militia style fighters made up of depleted PDF squads, gangers and angry hive citizens who have taken up arms in defence of their city/ planet.

As my force is currently fighting on the planet of Vesen, in the Horizon sub-sector, this unit is made up of Vesen locals.

A good portion of the squad so far is made up of the classic metal Cadians. These are members of the Vesen Defence Force. I thought the less high-tech look of the armour and weaponry compared to my Vastadtians in their Cadian pattern armour suited the PDF forces. 

I have used members of the last chancers and a few classic Tanith figures to the squad. I thought these guys looked like local militia fighters. 
 I also have a few Valhallan and steel legion models, representing the polar forces that defend the polar promethium fields (a vital lifeline for Imperial forces on Vesen). There is also a rat-skin in the mix. The next batch of conscripts will include a lot more of the old Necromunda miniatures I have accrued.
 And finally some of the scratch company defending a lonely imperial outpost. 
I recently picked up an Imperial Strong-point and this Imperial Bunker for a reasonable price. I was excited to paint the bunker up. More pics of this model very soon. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rogue Trader Imperial Guard Platoon

And so the school bell tolls! (OK, I work in a college, not a school and we don't have a bell, but we do have summer holidays!)

So after a couple of months of a break from blogging (between work and my computer being out of action) I finally get to show you all what I have been working on for these past few months.

First up is my Rogue trader platoon, which has been lying around my room for a shameful 2 years without completion.

Hope you like them. They were done in only a few nights, so I think I rushed some of the stages, and I found it hard to keep up the motivation on some of the models if I'm honest.

Generally though I am quite pleased with the result. I was surprised how well some of the new parts intergrated so well with these old models. I love the character these figures have, and I only wanted to add subtle parts to update them.

I have also got a sentinel to complete for this small detachment, however I think I will have to save that for another time. 

Its nice to be back.... 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Thank You Everyone!

Firstly let me give you all a big thankyou! I am very grateful to everyone who has signed up to this site and has listened to my insane hobby ramblings over the last few years. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone as my blog hits 100,000 views.

I orginally started this blog whilst studying at uni, as a way to keep my hobby alive. I could only bring a few things with me, so I had to concentrate on maximizing my hobby in ways other than gaming. The blog kept me interested, a blog post was inspired by my hobbying activity and my hobby activity was inspired by my need to create a new post to keep the blog alive. This kept me going whilst I had so many other distractions in my life.
The Cavern Club, Liverpool- Home of the Beatles, and one of the many distractions at Uni.

For the last two years however the blog struggled somewhat. My time was nearly exclusively sapped by work. These were dark times for not only my blog and my hobby, but my life in general. So, changes had to be made, and I got myself a new job. I went from event management within the Catering industry to lecturing in Performing Arts. Quite a change, and one I am so glad I made! This new job is not only much better hours, it is a million times more fun and creative ( I recently had to spend a whole day teaching young performers how to perform comedy falls...Life is good!). This means when I go home at night, I am ready, even itching to paint and hobby and game, rather than being too tired and fed up!
My Armoured car, the first picture I posted on my blog!

I will continue to improve this blog, starting with a redesign of the page and a bit of a facelift. I want to get back to my tutorials, and start working on video battle reports.

That's all for now, but coming soon I will have some exciting announcements and a competition to reward my very supportive readers!

Friday, 13 March 2015

The StormLord Is Complete! Now Who Wants A Game?!?

I had finally got this finished about 2 or 3 weeks ago, but due I had leant my light box to a friend, so I'm only just getting the photos done and up now. I'm very pleased with how this project has come along, and I have definitely learnt a thing or two about plasticard and scratch building with this build.

Without further ado, here are the final pics (well I do still hope to add some tank riders, but final pics for now).

 I added some light dusting to the track area of graveyard earth to help with the weathering. I'm very pleased with how the paint turned out. 

For the gunners, I used Valkyrie door gunner bodies and arms, and Mad robot tank heads. The Mad Robot pieces are excellent, really high quality and add that brilliant bit of variety to the stock heads and other accessories.

A general overview of the rear troop bay. I managed to make it a good bit more spacious than the original.

I'm really pleased with how the yellow and black striping turned out. I was worried that it might look a little too cartoon like.

I was worried that the exhausts might look a little small, but they don't seem to be too out of place.

This picture gives a better idea of all the magnetized pieces. I've never really used magnets before, but I'm starting to wonder why. They are simply brilliant.

That's all for now. I should have some exciting news in the next week or so. I've scheduled some time to really work on tidying up the blog and sorting out some content I have been meaning to get round to for a while. Have a great weekend everyone!

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