Sunday, 1 March 2015

CHARGE!- Astra Militarum Versus Orks

My Friend Tom (Uniteallaction) O'Reilly has been busy turning old space hulk board pieces into bunker defence lines. He has done quite a sterling job and we got chatting about what to play on them.

As he built them, it is only fair that he gets to defend the lines, meaning that my Imperial guard will be trying to wrestle them from him. Tom Mentioned that he wanted to play a game where I used only infantry to assault, much like an old fashioned infantry charge over the top. This certainly did appeal, so we have set the date for today.

I will be playing all my painted Infantry forces and Tom can choose whatever he would like to defend the Bunker complex. We have modified some old third edition missions to fit the mammoth game.

We started with the basis of the old Blitz, Bunker Assault and Strongpoint Attack, putting them together into a format that fits with the 7th edition rules. I will post the mission up here.
But for now onto the fluff:

+++Transmission Begins+++
+Astropath Flintok++++
+++To: Company Commanders: Vastadtian detachment Zero Two Delta- 40th Corps- Vesen+++
+From: HQ Horizon- General Staff- Brig. General Parak+


Reply recieved- Continue to waypoint 480-D, and RV with Armoured units. Begin assault on captured elements of Sectung Line with all haste. It is imperative that these positions are reclaimed. We will begin Artillery operations at 06-00 to 07-30 local time. It is advised that you move in as soon as bombardment ceases. Air support will provide cover once operations have commenced.

The Emperor protects.


++Transmission Ends+++

Bilk finished re-reading the Generals orders. It had been a fine plan when he had read it on the march through the low habs of Vesen Hive on the clear sunny day. Air Cover, Artillery and Tank support, a gentle stroll through Argi-land, and then a jaunt into a battle with good Intel and overwhelming numbers.

The weather had been the first thing to dampen the mood. Electrical storms and high pressure winds had grounded all Imperial Aircraft. The Navy Boys would fight outnumbered ten to one against Ork jets, but ran screaming at a simple gust.

Then they had hit the mine field... That put an end to the armoured support. It would take days to plot a course through, and they couldn't risk the delay. So the Infantry had pushed on, alone, taking what equipment and supplies they could.

The Bombardment had been going on for almost an hour, whilst the Infantry companies had hugged the tree line, waiting for the commanders to issue their orders. "We cant go back, there is no defensive positions for miles and the 'Skins will over-run our fall back." Captain Sperrick put in. Bilk looked at him, giving no hint of emotion. The captain looked away and down at his map. "He's right," Major Eklan replied as the staff meeting continued under the rumbling of the Earthshaker rounds. "Besides, The General Said, we have to retake these lines, it's too close to the Hive and if the Orks get a foothold here, we're sunk."

The Lord Commissar scratched his head with his non bionic hand and squinted as he surveyed the tac-maps. The other officers shifted uneasily, waiting, itching to do something. "Bilk, your Appraisal?" the Lord Commissar asked. Bilk straightened, "well, the primer is clear on these matters sir, if in doubt, Move forward".  The other officers smiled and shook their heads at the simple honest truth of the matter in hand. Bilk always kept words to a minimum, that way they landed like a sledge hammer.

"Its settled then, major?" asked Eklan, as ranking officer he was in command, but given the Lord Commissars status as chief advisor to the 40th corps, had let him chair the meeting. "it would seem so my Lord. Okay gentlemen, rouse your companies. We go at 07-30, lets catch them with their heads down."


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Update on the Storm Lord/ Some Rough Riders

Work has now completed on the main body of the Stormlord. I completed the heavy stubber nests, but I will be working on some tank riding infantry soon. I will have completed pics soon, but here are some snaps, wit the final details in place. I will get completed pics up before the end of the week.

I also took a bit of time out this week to quickly finish my squad of rough riders. I added two flamers to the squad, using the light weight elysian flamers. I thought these would be more ideally suited for cavalry. I also completed a standard lancer, to round off the squad at the maximum size of 10.

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Bilk is Back! Astra Militarum Commissar

Today I thought I would re-introduce one of my oldest models back into my Imperial Guard force. In the recent campaign against the Orks, he was severely injured, and missing in action for a long time (see this BATTLE REPORT here)

I took this opportunity to find him a new uniform and get him patched up. So here he is, ready to take the field once more. I think Tom has been building some bunker scenery, and is keen to use them. So I may see myself in a desperate infantry charge towards the Ork lines soon.

Bilk is one of those special models in an army that has always performed better than expected. He has taken out chaos Champions, Punched an Ork Squigoth to death and survived and beaten an onslaught of Killa Kans and Ork Dreads. My hope is that his prowess can lead an infantry charge to victory in the face of horrible odds.

That's all for now, more on the Stormlord very soon.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Adding some Allies- Dark Angel Successors Guardians of the Covenant

With the Stormlord nearing completion it was time to tie up a few loose ends I have had in my force. A while back I picked up a couple of dark vengeance units to ally alongside my imperial guard. I wanted an Azriel stand in to beef up my Bullgryns (giving them a 4+ invulnerable) and a squad of Raven wing to give a bit of speed to the guard list. Here are some pictures-

 Only a couple of changes from the original kit, I added two melta guns in place of the single plasma torso. 
 Interestingly I didn't undercoat these models, I simply gave them a complete wash of Nuln oil before painting. It seems to have worked quite well.

 My Azriel Stand in, luckily the Dark Vengeance company master comes with the same wargear as Azriel!

Originally I was going to paint up this force as a Dark Angels unit, but as I read the background, the Guardians of the Covenant fitted much better with my Guard army. I liked the links they had with the Adeptus Mechanicus, and their fanatical desire to save Imperial lives is never a bad thing for an imperial ally!

In Game they have been brilliant. Although an expensive unit (600+ points) Azriel and the Bullgryns make quite a hefty force together. They took three complete rounds of 1850 Eldar shooting and were only reduced to 4 ogryns and Azriel from an original squad size of 9, saving the rest of my army from harm. They then proceeded to charge fire dragons, guardians and an Eldar Far-seer, destroying the lot.
The bikes are brilliant for objective claiming (as they are troops with Azriel and have the all important objective secured rule). I frequently turbo them up to the enemies back field for line-breaker, and they have worked well alongside my melta vets too. 

I think I will add a few more units to this outfit, maybe some death wing, a librarian and a tactical squad in drop pod or some scouts perhaps, just to add a little bit of variation on the list. Most of these things can be picked up fairly cheap on eBay. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Astra Militarum Stormlord- Painting Begins

I have been dying to get this tank ready for battle, and this week I got stuck into some painting. Hers a few shots of what I have so far.  More to come very soon.

You may have noticed there are a few bits left off for painting, including crew , weapons and ladders etc. These will all be added at the end of the painting process.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Kitbash- Autocannon Sabre Defense platforms

I have always loved the Sabre defense platforms from Forgeworld. The rules are also very strong, and I have been dying to use them for some time.

As much as I love the models, I wanted to create some weapons that looked like the old WW2/ Vietnam War Era anti aircraft emplacements similar to this:

I have had some beat up old sentinels lying around for some time and when I was looking at them I figured they would make a brilliant turret to house the anti aircraft weapons. 

I started off by building the tripod mounting that I had used for my autocannon teams, before affixing n upturned 25mm base to the topside, then simply gluing the sentinel cockpit into place. I then used some old plastic cuppolas from the Leman Russ sprue to mount the autocannons on to. I took some WIP shots, but I cant find them at the moment, I will hopefully find them and put them up at a later date.

Ive used these in quite a few games and I love them. I particularly like the ability to get objective secured, and anchor them on the home objective. With a high toughness and good armour save they can be a real pain defensively, and they also pump out a fair amount of fairly accurate shots. I think another three of these will be in the pipeline soon, perhaps with magnatized weapons, as I would like to have the option for both quad stubbers and lascannons, but I am running low on sentinel cockpits.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Command Tanks- Tarting up the Leman Russ

The new Astra militarum codex has brought us a number of new units to the table. The choice that has probably made the biggest splash is the Tank commander as an HQ slot. My favourite configuration for this so far has to be Exterminator commander, with an Executioner attached. I usually dont bother with Pask, as I think he simply makes the squad an even bigger target.

With this in mind, I finally got round to repainting my ageing Forge World Executioner, and finishing the command model for my commissar command tank. 

I swapped out the heavy bolters for multimelta sponsons. 

I love this commissar model, the detail is spot on.

 The classic, "drive forward, I want to hit them with my sword" routine.

Still have a few more variants of the russ I want to experiment with. Have to finish off my Vanquisher and Eradicators.

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