Friday, 20 March 2020

Armies on Parade White Scars Edition Part 3 (Painting)

Here are some painted shots. There are a few elements missing from these pics, mainly the plaque I made for the bottom left hand corner and the pillars on the bridge. I will try and get some updated shots up soon. 

I was really pleased with the overall look in the end. Certainly it was a bit of a labour of love. 

Some snaps of the other entries on the day. There were only 4 in total, but some really good entrants across the board!

And the winner is...
This rather nice Age of Sigmar force took the day. The Colours were fab and the backdrop was great. Some real nice stuff over all. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Armies on Parade: White Scars Edition Part 2 (The Build)

With the design marked out on the MDF base, I started to work on building the broken down flyover. I wanted the roadway to look grand, but also to keep the buildings modular. To do this I used thin cork sheet on the base to raise the road level. 

 I wanted pillars to sit along the bridge, so using cake pillars, I marked them out along the road evenly. 

 I used blue insulation foam as the supports. I initially tried to glue these with contact adhesive, however, very quickly I realised that this material melted with the solvents in the glue. I instead switched to white glue, which took a lot longer to dry. 

To match the bases on My white scars, I began the painstaking process of cutting and sticking down plasticard 1cm2 tiles to the roadway. I wish I had thought of a simpler way...

I took a break from the tiling to build up the bridge, adding cork sheet to the wooden base, and foamboard walls to the sides. 
 I used blue insulation foam cut into squares to make the plinths along the roadway. 

A quick test fit of the buildings and flyover foundations allowed me to mark out the modular bases for the terrain pieces. 

And then I added more tiles...
 and more tiles...

 and more tiles...

and more tiles!!!

I then test fitted the modular bases. 

I added texture using premixed filler

And the build is (Mostly) Complete. 

Next up: Undercoating and painting. 

Monday, 27 January 2020

Armies on Parade: white scars edition part 1.

Back again...

Much has happened, but for now I will try and get through the serious back log of hobby for this blog.

So in 2017, I decided I was going to have a go at a Armies on parade board.

I really wanted to put together a White Scars at the Siege of the Emperor’s Palace diorama, as this is the theme I was looking at for my heresy era army.

I had been reading the background of the battle, and discovered that the white scars had sallied out of the palace, to attack and reclaim the star port from slaaneshi forces and the Emperors Children legion.

Here are some work in progress shots:

 I started by mocking up the design I wanted to go for. This was supposed to represent an over pass, heading towards the Emperors Palace. I was keen to have lots of height, and having the roadways off 90 degree angles to help with the composition, giving the piece a more cinematic feel. 

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