Monday, 14 April 2014

Ultramarines on the Horizon! Test mini.

For a very long time now I have been threatening to paint up some ultramarines.I have always wanted to do a force based on the Tyrannic War on Macragge. Particularly I wanted to focus on the defence of the northern Polar region, where the first company died to a man before the 3rd company arrived. 

I again wanted this force to utilise NMM and hopefully allow me to explore some source lighting techniques and free hand work. Here is how my test miniature turned out: 
 So Far Im pleased with the progress. I haven't fully worked out what I want to do for the bases, but I have been drawing a lot of Inspiration from James Wappel's Fabulous base work, particularly the marble effect.
This Miniature has long been a favourite of mine, the pose and the facial detail really makes this miniature a joy to paint. Tale of Painters has some excellent tutorials on ultramarines, so a big thank  you to those guys for all their excellent articles. You can find them HERE!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Home Made Vehicle Explosion Markers

Well As I am still waiting for the Astra Militaum/ IG codex, I thought I would continue my work on gaming aids. So far I have finished some objectives and explosions. Now I thought I would turn my attention to the aftermath of the explosions. The vehicle explosion marker. 

I simply used bits of old vehicle kits I had lying around. 
 I decided to create three bases. Two complete and one modular so I could mark the outline of different sized vehicles.
 I mainly used imperial vehicle parts, but I also used the odd Ork trukk door and engine block as I felt they looked suitably bashed around to look like an exploded vehicle.

I then built up some builders gravel around the vehicle parts to bed them in. 
 As you can see, I also used the odd lego piece and terrain bitz to fill out the base. I was still keen to leave plenty of room for troops to take refuge in.

And on to the painting. 

Looking forward to picking up steam with my hobby, now that the codex is due this week. :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Home Made Explosion Markers

With the new Guard codex...or should I say Astra Militarum Codex coming up, I have been holding off on any new units. I want to wait and see what the new 'dex will force me to change and rehash before I get too much further down the line with the Guard (I'm sorry, I just don't think I will be able to call them Astra Militarum all the time!)

So I decided to put together a few explosion markers to show when my vehicles have been destroyed.

I copied the idea from my friend Tom, who had used the Woodland Scenic's bushes to create great trails of thick smoke from his Ork vehicles. Here is an example of his work...

I hope to create a few more, so I will produce a step by step guide. I know this has been done a few places before, but I think it is such a great effect, its worth showing off a little bit more!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Quick and Dirty- Imperial Guard Objective Markers

So again for the tournament soft scores I was required to supply 6 objective markers. Again I was keen to build and paint my own. With time limited I decided to build them simply from old ammo crates and bitz I had lying around. I based them on some spare poker chips I had lying around, as they are roughly equivalent to terminator bases (40mm).

So without further ado, the Work In Progress shots.

And the finished shots!

All in all I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Whilst they were completed in a hurry, and I would like to touch up a little of the details on them, I am generally happy with the results. 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Old Stuff Day! Levers and Hinges!

So It is finally an old stuff day that I didn't miss. Here is a link to post I made whilst still at uni, showing off the method I use to create hatches and levers out of plasticard. The full post is HERE!!!

And here are some examples of the hatches I have made over the years.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Imperial Guard Tournament Display Board

This weekend (Saturday 22nd February), Tom 'Uniteallaction' O'Reilly and I held a tournament over at the North Down Wargaming Centre. As part of the tournament we introduced soft scores, something that has often caused controversy within the Northern Irish gaming community. We included painting, basing, wysiwyg, objective marker and display board points. This was all well and good until I realised I didn't actually have a display board or the necessary 6 objective markers. 

So I dug out an old carry case and some foam board and set to work last Sunday evening... 

I started by measuring my army on the board, and test fitting details around it. The following pictures show a few details I built specifically for the board, aswell as some kids toys and old terrain pieces.
 I added a road, made simply from a thick strip of foam board with smaller squares of plasticard adding some surface detail. 
 I used an old toy and a sentinel pilot to create a watchtower.

 I had been given three of these tents almost ten years ago and had never quite found a reason to use them, until now!
 The imperial assassin (Marbo) hangs out on his own beside some old Ikore stowage pieces. 
 The Vendetta Got its own landing pad. Again cut from foam board. I used a quality street tin to get the basic shape. 
 I then printed out a large imperial eagle and traced it onto plasticard. I cut this out and added it to the landing pad. I simply scored the foam board and bent it down to creat a loading ramp.
 And below is a clearer picture of the landing pad under-coated.
I then flocked and under coated the whole display board. 

And so here is the final picture, with the army and my objective markers included. 

 I liked the idea that the board depicts a forward operations post, on the way to the front line. 
And My Inquisitor, with his servo skull, sending the troops forward. 

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